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Why RiXtrema


IRAFiduciaryOptimizer: After June 9, 2017 you are an ERISA fiduciary if you work with new IRA assets

  • Fulfill Your DOL Rule Requirements: Creates a comprehensive best interest report required under the DOL Fiduciary Rule for every IRA rollover & transfer
  • Be Confident About Your Best Interest Reporting: The only software that went through a thorough review with top ERISA attorneys
  • Save Hours & Get Plan Data For Any ERISA Plan: We included ERISA plan fee and feature databases at no extra charge
  • Justify & Benchmark Your Fees: We included a database of 10,000+ advisors and their fees, so you can comply with fee reasonableness requirements and report validated benchmarks
This Will Have Tremendous Implications For Your Practice

401kFiduciaryOptimizer: Plan Sponsors Will Now Take Your Call

  • Create a Unique Proposal For Your Plan Sponsor Prospects: 401kFiduciaryOptimzer enables you to create an in-depth cost and diversification analysis report for any plan
  • Justify Your Fees: Put a number on the impressive amount of savings you will produce for them & get their attention
  • Improve Plan Menu Diversification: Examine diversification of your plan investments on a look-through basis as required by the 404(c) provision
  • Immediately Sell to 85K+ Plans At Your Fingertips: Quickly find prospect from the most extensive database of plan investments & create report with just a few clicks
Become a Trusted Annuity Advisor: AnnuityOptimizer Enhances Your Value


  • Demonstrate fees and projected cash flows for variable, fixed, fixed indexed annuities
  • Compare any type of annuity to any other type or to a taxable portfolio
  • For example, demonstrate the cash flow and Internal Rate of Return impact of switching from an expensive VA to a fee only VA or to a taxable portfolio
  • Become a trusted advisor on annuity assets your clients and prospects hold
Building Forward Looking Portfolios For Your Clients:

Why Portfolio Crash Testing?

  • Differentiate Yourself with Stress Testing: Know what could go wrong with the portfolio before it actually happens
  • Your Credibility: The only tool for advisors that is also adopted by top institutions to manage risk, including the Nobel Foundation to protect the Nobel Prize money
  • Improve Communication: Educate investors on portfolio performance scenarios using compelling interface
  • Become a Trusted Advisor: Enhance your value (and you won't have to compete on cost)
Position yourself as expert
Create suitable portfolios
Get more HNW AUM
Simple to use
24 hour weekday support


Hector A. May
CFP, ChFC, CLU, President, Executive Compensation Planners, Inc.

I've been in this business for 44 years, have read the entire 8 volumes of ERISA rules and can legitimately describe myself as an expert in the retirement plan space. Those credentials may get me an appointment with a prospective client, but actually getting the business requires hard evidence that I can make a difference - to the sponsor and to the participants. Over the past year, since using the 401kFiduciaryOptimizer, I have seen my closing rate for new business climb to over 75%.

Jim Duffy
Managing Director at Park Avenue Strategies

Using the 401kFiduciaryOptimizer to identify a local plan at potential risk, we secured a meeting with one of the company's partners. We presented a preliminary report based on the information gleaned from the company's most recent 5500 filing. This alone raised the partner's concern to the point of retaining our firm to complete a full analysis, providing us with all requested documentation before the end of that first meeting. Upon presenting our final presentation, we were retained as lead advisor for the plan. The RiXtrema platform provides a compelling call-to-action for unsuspecting plan sponsors, enabling us to help them reduce future liability. This was just the first of many cases for which we intend to rely on the RiXtrema solution.

Margaret Hornbeck
Chief Compliance Office, TrueNorth Capital - an award winning RIA firm

What I was looking for was a tool to help our firm meet compliance obligations under the DOL Fiduciary Rule; what I found is so much more! Our advisors are actually thrilled with the IRA Fiduciary Optimizer. It not only saves considerable time collecting and illustrating data, it creates comprehensive, professional reports that tie back to the prospect's risk profile and clearly illustrate the value that we bring to the table. An impressive sales tool that solves a serious compliance need, at a surprisingly reasonable price - talk about a win-win!

Tom Doherty
MBA, CFP, Owner of Half Moon Financial Planning LLC

I have been reading a lot in the Financial Press about the increasing requirements on Advisors of all sizes to document their Fiduciary compliance. I have a small business, not adding new clients, and didn't originally see the benefit of IRAFiduciaryOptimizer to me. I do often rollover workplace plans to low cost IRAs, though, and always assumed the broader investment selections would outweigh any difference in expenses to my clients. In the increasing strict regulatory environment, I am uneasy with not having justified my intuition on Rollovers with a sound analysis. After seeing a demonstration, I realized that IRAFiduciaryOptimizer is ideal to cover that gap in my compliance documentation.

Peter Inverso
CFP, Owner, Inverso Capital Management.

Managing money is not enough today - one needs to also manage risk and cash flows. Risk explains returns. To put it simply: With RiXtrema our firm can now structure portfolios in such a way as to locate, identify, and then determine the exact exposures to the risks our clients want - while avoiding those risks they don't want. RiXtrema has certainly revolutionized my practice!

Gustav Karner
CIO, Nobel Foundation. The Foundation manages the assets made available through the will of Alfred Nobel for the awarding of the Nobel Prize in Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Literature and Peace.

RiXtrema is a unique tool for performing scenario analysis instead of relying solely on historical data. It will help the Nobel Foundation in fully understanding all of the risks in our portfolio.

Colleen Ziegler
VP Analytics & Trading, MFA Capital Advisors

MFA Capital Advisors successfully utilizes the Portfolio Crash Testing Tool from RiXtrema to demonstrate very complex risk metrics in graphic user friendly terms. This next level tool is backed by solid analytics and an amazing team of data scientists that actually listen.

Lance Hicks
Managing Member at Alternative Asset Group

As advisors and consultants to qualified accounts (ERISA and IRA), the need to comply with upcoming DOL regs will be of paramount importance. A sophisticated planning tool such as The IRA Optimizer is essential to our practice, in order to maintain both compliance and competitiveness in the marketplace. In addition, the Optimizer has the auxiliary benefit of allowing us to test the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of both existing and proposed model portfolios, to see whether they can be enhanced and improved. Having previewed and then purchased The IRA Optimizer because of its practicality and relative ease-of-use, we can endorse it as a valid and time-saving application for other financial-services professionals.

Andrew Millard, CFP
Principal, Millard & Company

I have found RiXtrema to be extremely useful in two distinct ways: First, it's an excellent internal tool for evaluating and analyzing portfolios. Just as important, it's a very effective communication tool for helping clients to visualize and understand the tradeoffs between risk and reward.

Barry Schachter
Legendary Risk Manager, Former CRO of Caxton, Balyasny, Moore Capital

I believe RiXtrema's approach to risk measurement supports risk management decision-making better than any other risk software.

James Ho
Sr. Quantitative Analyst at Fiduciary Research & Consulting LLC ($10B in AUM)

Portfolio Crash Testing has been extremely useful in integrating Risk into all verticals of our business because of its ease of use, rapid application speed, Excel/software API and vast coverage of assets. For our stress testing analysis, Crash testing also has created a methodical & systematic framework by which we can decompose various strategies in a clear and concise way.

Peter Gerlings
Head of Implemented Solutions at Segal Rogerscasey (serving clients with >$400B in AUM)

RiXtrema gives "a much better way to model how asset managers will behave in up markets and down markets."

Richard Shaw
Managing Principal at QVM Group, Advisor, Author, Commentator

Simply put, RiXtrema is a great tool for RIAs who want to know how their portfolios are expected to perform under periods of extreme stress in the markets. It's about understanding risks, and as Benjamin Graham said. "The essence of investment is management of risk, not management of returns." If nothing else, the dotcom crash and the 2008 crash have taught us that.


Daniel Satchkov
CFA, President

Prior to founding RiXtrema, Daniel worked as an Associate Director of Risk Research at FactSet, where he was responsible for researching and developing software products in the areas of risk measurement and risk reporting. Daniel together with the rest of the RIXtrema research team is a winner of the 2015 Peter L. Bernstein Award, awarded for the best article in any of the industry-leading Institutional Investor Journals. He speaks at numerous financial conferences and has published articles dealing with risk management issues in the Journal of Derivatives, Journal of Asset Management, Investment and Pensions Europe, Journal of Risk Model Validation, the Journal of Risk Management in Financial Institutions, as well as in a number of whitepapers and an E-book...

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Dr. Yaacov Kopeliovich
Director of Research

Dr. Kopeliovich has spent his career in the investment management industry with extensive experience in understanding the tail risks inherent in complex multi-asset portfolios. Yaacov has held positions at Bank of America analyzing complex asset backed securities and was most recently employed at MEAG New York Corporation as a Senior Quantitative Analyst in the fixed income and structured products areas...

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Dr. Barry Schachter
Senior Advisor

Dr. Schachter has spent his career leading risk groups at hedge funds, most recently as a CRO at Woodbine Capital Advisors. Prior to Woodbine, Dr. Schachter has led risk management teams at Moore Capital, Balyasny Asset Management, SAC Capital and Caxton Associates. He was responsible for corporate market risk measurement at Chase Manhattan Bank from 1997 to 2000...

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Dr. Jon Danielsson
Senior Advisor

Dr. Danielsson has a Ph.D. in the economics of financial markets, from Duke University, and is currently a reader in finance at the London School of Economics. His research interests include financial risk modeling, regulation of financial markets, models of extreme market movements, market liquidity, and financial crisis...

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Sergey Guskov

Prior to founding RiXtrema, Sergey worked as a Project Leader at Siemens Management Consulting, an internal consulting division of Siemens AG, where he led teams on strategy design, operational improvement, and M&A projects for multi-billion dollar businesses in the energy and industrials sectors...

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William F. Faulkner
Director of Strategy and Business Development

Before joining Rixtrema, Bill co-founded Nascent Strategies, a long/short market-neutral hedge fund where he was the COO. Bill's responsibilities at Nascent Strategies included oversight of risk management and trading strategies in addition to managing operational functions...

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Alexandr Starodubtsev
FRM, Director of Risk Model Support

Alexandr is one of the founders of RiXtrema. He is a Financial Risk Manager - Certified by the Global Association of Risk Professionals. He graduated from St. Francis College with BA in International Economics and Finance. Previously, Alex was with the Private Client group at Bear Stearns...

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Valentin Kolesov
Director of Engineering

Valentin has over 17 years of programming and enterprise-level application development experience and is MCSD, MCSE, MCDBA certified. He graduated with honors from Siberian State Aerospace University with a degree in software engineering...

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Andrey Brunenko
Senior Engineer

Andrey, who started programming computers in high school, graduated from the informatics and computer school with distinction majoring in computer programming, and from the Siberian Federal University majoring in Automated Systems of Information Processing...

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