9 Subject Lines That get Clicks

Subject lines might be short, but there is actually a variety of them you can use, tactically, to increase open rates. Here are 9 of the best.


Action Verb


Action verb + recipient’s name, Imagine your new plan, Start your new plan to day etc


How to…


‘how to do [something]’ The trick with this type of email is to base the subject line on past client feedback. So, if a client has asked you about 404(c) compliance or even thanked you for explaining it to them, that should be the subject and subject line of the email. Example: ‘How to understand 404(c) better.


How not to…


This combines the previous ‘how to’ with loss avoidance, for example ‘how not to get sued for 404 (c)  noncompliance’.


5/10 things…


Very basic but effective, a list of 5-10 things or important topics about something of interest to your clients. ‘5 things you need to know about financial planning’. Again, base these subject lines on feedback. Let feedback create most of your content. Don’t just limit it to your own feedback, join other forums and online groups where people leave comments; in short, listen to your target market.




Simple, direct and effective, but should not be overused. Use the recipients name in the subject line and they are more likely to open the email. Only use it once or twice with the same person.




This one can also be combined with loss aversion, for example:

‘Are you exposed to 404 (c) non-compliance?’ This type can be particularly effective if you listen to your target audience.




Example ‘5 reasons you should…’ how you continue the subject line, again, depends on your target market research. For the best results join as many Facebook and LinkedIn groups to find out what language they use.


Urgency and Scarcity


This one needs to be handled with care, it has the potential to raise ethical concerns and compliance issues. However, there are perfectly safe ways it can be done. For example if you offer an exclusive deal for a limited time, just make sure the deal really is exclusive and is only on offer for a limited time.




Self-assessment in the form of a marketing quiz or a lead magnet is a great way to attract new clients and find out more about your target market. Clients like them because, in general, people like to assess or measure themselves against others, it is very human. So, a subject line like, ‘how does your plan stack up against the competition?-Find out now!’, has the potential to be a big hit.

Education and assessments are easy to do in terms of generating great content, getting more clients. If you’re new to marketing, it’ll take about 3-6 months to really start seeing results, so take the leap today!

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