15 Traits No Financial Advisor Should be Without

1. Be sure to have a good reputation. Getting a strong referral from a past client can be a sign that people feel comfortable enough to recommend your services to other. A consistent track record will help build your reputation through referrals for years to come

2. Utilize a deep analytical ability. Successful financial advisors know that the risk and return relationship drives almost every aspect of a financial plan. Therefore it is important to be able to manage all the aspects of a portfolio and more importantly to do it well.

3. Never panic. Be patient and never panic as it is critical to your success. Remember to evaluate the best options what and stick to a well thought-out strategic plan. There should be no sense of urgency when it comes to sound investing that leads to long-term growth.

4. Invoke confidence. Always have self-assurance in your recommendations.

5. Never stop learning. whether it’s a lecture or seminar on prospecting or an interesting newspaper article, successful financial advisors are constantly looking for opportunities to learn more about the industry and how to conquer it. Be sure to place education at the top for your list: The One Thing You Must Do As a Plan Advisor

6. Take a proactive approach. Keep the lines of communication open, updating your clients on financial issues and opportunities. Be sure to translate complex financial concepts into easy to understand explanations. Take time to clearly explain every important detail in essence showing that you care.

7. Be sure people see you as financial professional. Be sure people understand both your level of education which qualifies you as an expert in the field as well as see you use your knowledge in action

8. Be a Salesman Salesmanship is very important. A financial advisor who cannot build up the courage to ask for business will without a doubt get none.

9. Have a support team. A good advisor should have access to a broad range of experts and tools. A team approach will ensure that the client feels support from all angles which will elevate the mutual comfort level

10. Have a clear strategy. Have a clear cut plan but be ready to adjust if the circumstances change.

11. Work with your clients. Be sure to meet with you clients in accordance with their needs. Show that you care by actually showing yourself.

12. Never put your interests first. Professional advisors tailor your plan to meet your goals. They don’t push products on you simply to meet quota or to get the biggest commission. Check whether your advisor represents a wide range of products and service options or if they’re restricted to only proprietary solutions their company sells.

13. Set high standards. In order to stand out you must set goals that exceed expectations and then do your best to make sure you need them. If you push yourself to achieve more, you’re bound to be ahead of the pack.

14. Avoid making common mistakes. Find our more here: 8 Mistakes Advisors Can Make When Approaching a Retirement Plan

15 Build trust. This trait comes full circle in our list. Just as a financial advisor needs to have a good reputation, it must center on trust. This means delivering what you promised and promising what you can deliver. This will build a strong relationship all around and enhance your business.


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