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Friday, September 24, 2021

Do You Really Qualify For 404(c) Safe Harbor From Liability? Summary: Under ERISA plan sponsors or advisors who exercise discretionary authority are fiduciaries with significant liability in case of fiduciary duty violation. Section 404(c) provides safe harbor protection fiduciaries in case plan participants experience investment losses. How

Here are five suggested articles to read this weekend: 1.  STOP Being a Monday Morning 401k Quarterback – It’s easy to walk into a prospect meeting, look at the 401k plan playback information, and talk about investments underperformance, plan design fumbles and retirement replacement ratio spreads. ( 2. Best Interest and Best

Here is why IRAFiduciaryOptimizer is the ultimate tool for documenting every part of your best-interest practice: Create a comprehensive best interest report that will analyze investment fees, plan fees, advisory fees, benchmarking, and more! Be Confident About Your Best Interest Reporting: The only software that went