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Friday, February 14, 2020

  Advanced Search for Prospects Select a Plan Send Template Letters Track Your Email Activity Client Struggles: Many clients ask us about the best ways to prospect underperforming 401(k) plan sponsors. It can be a very tedious process. First, it’s not easy to find the right contacts in the company you’re about to prospect.

Please join Yon Perullo from RiXtrema and Priya Sajja from Albridge for a webinar showcasing the latest integration of RiXtrema’s Portfolio Crash Testing Pro through Albridge’s Applink integration solution. BNY Mellon’s Albridge platform has been an industry leader in aggregating multi-custodial, insurance and direct-to-fund data from hundreds of sources to provide

[embed][/embed] When it comes to social impact of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, there are two schools of thought. One says that a blockchain is a great tool of decentralization and disruption in both tech and finance, and that decentralization specifically means more freedom. For example, Bitcoin users