June 2020

“Can I wait till the last minute for Reg BI?”

This is the most frequent question I get when it comes to the SEC’s quickly approaching new regulation: Can I wait until the day before? As long as I have a solution by 11:59pm on June 30th, I’ll be alright, right?I totally get it, waiting until the last minute is something uniquely human. I was a master of procrastination in University and it gets addictive. Many might even be thinking there’s still a chance maybe the rule might go away.

3 Reasons RIAs Shouldn’t Wait For a Court Ruling on Reg-BI

With less than 3 weeks until the June 30th Regulation Best Interest compliance deadline, are you one of the RIAs holding their breath to see if it will be stopped? The lawsuits don’t intend to stop Reg BI because it is too strict, though. In fact, they believe the opposite - that it doesn’t go far enough. Their main argument is that the SEC’s new rule does not hold brokers to the same fiduciary standard as RIAs and breaks some of the requirements of the Dodd-Frank bill.

How Small RIAs Can Keep Up With Fin Services Corporations

Large businesses are leaving small firms in the dust by implementing technology to meet Regulation Best Interest’s requirements. With less than a month left, I know that I don’t need to remind you that the June 30th Regulation Best Interest Deadline is fast approaching. How firms prepare for compliance may very well set the course for their growth.

The SEC Reg-BI Guidance For Small Businesses

Two things have become more worrying during my Reg-BI research. First, the CRS Form is not cheap to build. Each advisor may well spend an average of 23.77 hours and over $6,000 to build the form.But, the second, more worrying realization is that small firms are not as prepared as larger firms. As a Deloitte survey study found, small financial services businesses lag behind larger firms in their efforts to become compliant with Regulation best-interest.