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Thursday, February 25, 2021

5 Articles for your weekend reading list: August 3, 2018

Here are five suggested articles to read this weekend:

1. Cryptocurrency Comes to Retirement Accounts – While debate continues to rage over the efficacy of investing Bitcoin and other so-called cryptocurrencies in retirement accounts, platforms are increasingly available to make it happen. The latest, Equity Trust Company, announced that it has launched its digital asset platform. (

2. Are Your Vendors Fiduciaries? Why Does It Matter? Ask The Lawyer – Using non-fiduciary plan providers for services or investing may cause a plan committee to assume more retirement plan risk than the plan sponsor wants to accept. (

3. Public Comment Letter on the SEC Advice Rule and Separating Advice from Sales – Earlier this year, the SEC proposed its own long-awaited overhaul of the regulation of broker-dealers and investment advisers. At the time, the Department of Labor’s fiduciary rule was still the law of the land, and the pressure was on the SEC to “harmonize” – both the SEC’s regulation with the DoL’s version. (Nerd’s Eye View |

4. States Start Knitting a Patchwork of Best Interest Fiduciary Regulations – With the judicial defeat of the Obama-era DOL fiduciary rule hanging in the air, individual states are moving to establish their own best interest regulations for the sale and service of investment products; attorneys warn that more piecemeal regulation is likely, as are lawsuits to test some complex ERISA preemption issues. (

5. New Policies Needed to Empower Plan Sponsors to Think Outside the Box – Plan sponsors and American employees are locked into an antiquated retirement system that has not kept pace with changing demographics — and according to industry experts, US lawmakers and new strategies can help. (


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