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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

5 Articles for your weekend reading list: October 13-14, 2018

Here are five suggested articles to read this weekend:

1.  Multiple Employer Plan Pros and Cons: The Talk of the Town – Multiple employer plan pros and cons are the talks of the town inside the beltway. That’s because two landmark events have happened within the last month that have intensified the Multiple Employer Plan Pros and Cons conversation. (

2. What’s Your 401k Plan’s Retirement Income Philosophy? – Communicating well is remarkably difficult. Anyone who has experienced miscommunication in the workplace knows it can raise stress levels, delay projects, limit innovation, and produce a variety of other unwelcome consequences. (

3. The $210 Billion Risk in Your 401k – Annual defaults on loans taken against investors’ 401(k)s threaten to reduce the wealth in U.S. retirement accounts by about $210 billion when the lost savings are compounded over employees’ careers. (

4.  Fidelity sued again for 401(k) plan mismanagement– The company settled a similar self-dealing lawsuit four years ago for $12 million. (

5. New Fiduciary Role: What Happens When the Retirement Honeymoon is Over? – We are in the midst of a changing definition of retirement. No longer does retirement evoke images of gently rocking on the front porch, waving at the neighborhood boys as they speed by in their bikes during the day, then yelling at them to get off your lawn at night. Is it any surprise that the active generation – the baby boomers – have rejected the quiet life of traditional retirement? (

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