5 Articles for your weekend reading list: September 1-3, 2018

Here are five suggested articles to read this weekend:

1. Companies Without a 401k Miss Out on Top Talent– The spotlight’s been focused on employee benefits lately, with a steadily low unemployment rate that’s left businesses scrambling to stand out while granting jobseekers the luxury of being picky. (401kspecialistmag.com)

2. Trump Wants Retirement Saving Rules Expanded For Small Companies– President Donald Trump plans to issue an executive order Friday directing his administration to make it easier for small businesses to band together to set up retirement-savings plans. (fa-mag.com)

3. The Long Tail, The Big Head, and the Dangerous Middle Of Financial Advisory Firms– One of the most popular debates in the advisory industry today is whether small advisory firms of the future will be able to compete against the ongoing growth of today’s mega-advisory firms. (Nerd’s Eye View | Kitces.com)

4. SEC Regulation Best Interest an important step for our industry – The agency’s approach allows firms to comply with new guidelines while while tailoring their practices to their own businesses and clients. (investmentnews.com)

5. Fundamental Unfairness: ERISA Section 404(c) Is Not Working– “404(c) is not working. It does not provide participants with the information they need to make informed and reasoned investment decisions…But it can work, it must work.” (iainsight.wordpress.com)