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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

A Must Have Checklist for Retirement Plan Advisors before an Important Meeting or Call

Not preparing before a meeting or phone call can be a major mistake for Retirement Plan Advisors. Research is a key. Go online to review the company website, LinkedIn profile, Facebook page and google for business articles.

Review the current plan and all the Historical 5500 filings in Planisphere.

1. Plan Assets beginning of the year and end of the year.

2. Employer contributions and employee contributions, money rolled into the plan.

3. Employee Distribution, Loans, documented expenses.

4. Corrective, amended plans (correct issues).

5. Service Provider History. How often do they switch service providers.

You will be able to see patterns and determine if the plan is growing because of the Funds or because of the contributions.

All of this research will prepare you for a successful meeting.


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