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Sunday, April 18, 2021

A new way to think about visually dynamic tools for financial advisors

As noted in an article from, visually dynamic tools with a great education message are a huge weapon for advisors in the modern world. With the kind of advancements we’ve made in fintech, it’s no surprise that investors of today are very much visual learners. We have so many tools that can provide a unique and educational experience to investors available to us. It’s clear that advisors that have creative and visually captivating tools will have a clear edge in gaining and retaining clients in the future.

A visual and vivid explainion of risk to clients is a big piece of what we like to do at Larkspur-RiXtrema. Designing tools for financial advisors to explain to clients easily and effectively is a critical piece for any financial professional to have in their toolbelt. See how Portfolio Crash Test can explain risk in an extremely illustrative way to any investor: Video: Relate To Your Client’s Dreams and Fears as a Retirement Plan Advisor


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