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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Understanding the importance of SEO for financial advisors

A recent article from the Journal of Financial Planning places emphasis on the need for SEO in the marketing process for every financial advisor. The article acknowledges that this particular field of prospecting is widely untapped because “inbound marketing is still a largely ignored strategy from planners because the opportunities are so vast”. However, it does underline the fact that the times are changing and that sooner or later certain strategies including SEO will be more and more prominent and therefore should not be overlooked.

After outlining the importance of the marketing strategy in question, the article goes further in depth by defining and explaining SEO. Moreover it explains the process of finding the right keywords tomatch one’s business goals (with appropriate screenshots!), making sure they actually work and finally providing various tools to try for yourself. While to some this may seem a bit new and overwhelming the author of the article concludes a practice’s “foundation must now include a solid web presence” and SEO is a great way to start thinking in that direction.

You can read the full article here:  


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