Marketing Quiz Questions

Attention! Here are the 4 Kinds of Marketing Quiz Questions

1. Easy Commitment Question

Micro commitments are crucial for getting people to complete your quiz, and commitment questions are beginning hooks. An easy commitment question should always be your first question and can be useful in the middle of a quiz if it is on the longer side of the recommended length (7-12 questions). A commitment question is: 

  • Non-threatening, easy to answer
  • Typically BINARY (only 2 Answer Options)
  • Specific – works best to make it a “No-Brainer.”
  • Avoid Yes / No Answers


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2. Diagnosis Question

Remember that a marketing quiz’s goal is to place the quiz taker into one of your designed outcomes (3-5 are best). The diagnosis questions determine what result to which the taker belongs. But, not ALL of your quiz questions should be diagnosis questions. 


Instead, peppering in a diagnosis question between two other question styles can let you ask pointed, more difficult questions. Sometimes, like in a Killer Quiz, these diagnosis questions are interrogative and illicit an emotional, risk-averse response. 


Still, this is a marketing quiz. So, don’t get too threatening or ask too difficult questions. 


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3. Non-Diagnosis Question

These are the questions you ask in your Quiz for reasons OTHER than putting

people into buckets. These can be especially useful for financial advisors because they allow the quiz maker to gather information about the taker. This information can be useful regardless of whether the taker purchases your offer at the end of the quiz. 


Some kinds of Non-Diagnosis Questions:

  • Demographic (age, income, occupation)
  • Current Demand (help create demand for what you are offering)
  • Future Demand (help measure demand for a future offer)
  • Story Arc (help people feel seen, heard, and diagnosed)

    4. Lead Capture Question

By the time a lead capture question appears, the quiz already: 

  • Started with an easy question to hook takers into the quiz with micro-commitments
  • placed the taker into an outcome with diagnosis questions;
  • gathered as much information as possible about the taker (via non-diagnosis questions); and
  • put the taker on the edge of their seat, waiting for your value proposition (your solution to their problem)  


A lead capture question will be the last question in your quiz. A comprehensive marketing quiz will have a unique capture question for each outcome. It can help to write your quiz landing pages before your questions because the lead capture question teases the unique quiz result.


For example:


Would you like to receive a 3rd party objective, no-obligation assessment of your 401k plan? (Lead Capture Question)

  1. Yes
  2. We already receive a 3rd party analysis of our advisor’s performance. 


Consider how you will deliver your value proposition to the taker. If you are displaying your quiz on a public website, then the lead capture question may need to collect at least an email. This isn’t necessary if you are delivering the quiz to your existing clients or leads. 


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The question format doesn’t matter. 

A diversity of questions is better because it doesn’t allow for your taker to become bored and quit early. I would not recommend including any short answer questions because it can be tough not to lose people on those questions. Also, do not include an answer choice that gives the taker an “out” or lets them feel that this quiz isn’t for them.


Each answer choice should be probing, and it can be useful to bold Keywords ahead of the answer choice. Bolding calls attention to specific words and can add extra meaning to your answers. 


For example:


If you had to pick one of the following, what’s the single biggest challenge? (Story Arc Question) 

  1. Freedom: Finding a fiduciary advisor with a history of trust
  2. Impact: Growing my 401k plan pool and investment size
  3. Legacy: Providing for my retired employees
  4. All of the above

Some question formats I’ve found helpful are: 

  • Multiple choice
  • Multiple responses
  • True or False
  • Likert Scale (i.e., Rate your satisfaction)


Get Creative!

Don’t let my recommendations or articles get in the way of doing something your way. You know your clients better than me – I am just reporting on my research and quiz marketing experience. Your first marketing quiz will not be your last. Sometimes you may not see results (loads of purchases) until your second or third. But you will as long as you’re learning about your client with every quiz and improving.


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