Colin Ward

What’s happening in Reg-BI Compliance Court?

With a Republican administration believing in small Federal government, I think it is safe to say that the SEC may defer to States to oversee and enforce Reg-BI’s new standards. With thousands of affected people in the financial services industry, this may make logistical sense. It means that RIA and BDs may experience different levels of scrutiny, depending on where they work.

3 Powerful Pieces of Wisdom from Retirement Specialists

So, in preparation for some neat new features, RiXtrema will be launching in the coming weeks, I interviewed some of our clients (retirement specialists). With a little additional independent research, I found some useful tips as to how advisors exploit a competitive advantage to convert leads into clients. Basically, I explored answers to two questions:What does it take to win a 401k plan sponsor? How do retirement advisors unseat an existing plan sponsor provider

The Basics of a “Killer” Quiz Marketing Strategy?

When setting out to craft a quiz funnel it is important to remember that you are creating primarily a marketing quiz. That does not mean that the quiz taker does not receive any value. They do. But the value is your offer. The genius of quiz funnel marketing is disguising its marketing intentions by providing value to the individual taking the quiz. 
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