Colin Ward

Are you a 21st Century Wealth Advisor?

As I wrote before, the Coronavirus lockdown was a beta test for remote work, but it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. The question falls to all of us:“Am I measuring up to my competition and adapting to the new environment?”Advisors don’t have to look far to learn where the industry is going. Before the lockdown forced all of us to see the potential in working remotely, Broadridge reached some startling conclusions about technology use by financial advisors. They surveyed 1,500 investment providers, including 250 wealth advisors, to find, in general, that they are not taking advantage of the benefits and high ROI of technological adoption. 

How to Write Irresistable Emails That Must be Opened

Not only are many of us too busy for marketing, but we’ve not practiced copywriting. As we learned in talking to a premier copywriter, Jack Turk, the secret is writing fast. Writing fast keeps you from over-thinking your language. You remember the old acronym: KISS. Well, here’s a friendly reminder to Keep IT Simple, Stupid. :) 

What is RegBI’s Future With a Democrat Administration?

New news from the campaign trail continues the Reg-BI regulatory whiplash, but don’t let that become an excuse for not being compliant.  The polls show a likely power shift in the White House - take that with a 2016-flavored grain of salt. Allan Lichtman, the renowned historian who predicted the presidential results for the past four decades, predicts Biden will take the White House. (He bases his prediction, not on polls, but 13 binary qualifiers that are pretty interesting) 

Why Quiz Marketing Should Be a Part of Your Next Marketing Campaign

They’re more than just those silly Disney character quizzes that kids take to procrastinate. The rapid adoption of quiz funnels is just one more example of how if you’re not innovating and experimenting with new marketing methods, then you’re falling behind. This article is just the quick first part of a more extended discussion about quiz funnels, but we all have to start somewhere. So let’s take a quick dive into it. 

How RIAs are Attracting AUM With Technology

How are you leveraging technology to grow your business or find more free time?A 2019 study of Advisors by Cerulli Associates found a direct link between AUM and technology use. “Heavy” technology-using advisory firms have an average of $238.0 million in AUM compared to $106.3 million for “light” competitors. Cerulli found that advisory firms can attract AUM because they spend 34% less time resolving client service issues and have 24% more time on practice management activities. Technology does more than