Luke St. Angelo

Why You Need to Keep Marketing

In 2022, email marketing is now as important as it has ever been. Despite what some people may think, email as a platform for reaching out to prospects is actually more effective than ever. It’s quick, easy, and a direct line to most people. Especially during a time where many people aren’t going into their office every day, email can be the best way to reach people.

“Can I wait till the last minute for Reg BI?”

This is the most frequent question I get when it comes to the SEC’s quickly approaching new regulation: Can I wait until the day before? As long as I have a solution by 11:59pm on June 30th, I’ll be alright, right?I totally get it, waiting until the last minute is something uniquely human. I was a master of procrastination in University and it gets addictive. Many might even be thinking there’s still a chance maybe the rule might go away.

Case Study: Understanding Risk Capacity

Oftentimes, an investor may be especially averse to risk on an emotional level, but their need to take more risk in order to reach investment goals may be lost on them. Advisors need a way to reconcile this concept to their clients. How do you make a client understand this relationship between risk and return in a constructive way?

More Lawsuits Mean Even More Problems for Stubborn Plan Sponsors

Excessive fee lawsuits now are a common occurrence throughout the financial industry. Every week you can hear about a major university or company pension plan being sued by the participants. However, the one thing that keeps on surprising us is the stubbornness of the plan sponsors to understand during the committee meetings that their duty of loyalty is to the employees, not to the company.