Yon Perullo

Election Day Commentary

If you have followed the polls you know that it is widely expected that Joe Biden will be the next president of the US. Two well-known poll aggregators, FiveThirtyEight and the Economist give Biden a 90% and 97% chance of victory on the eve of the election.

Is the Prospect of a Biden Win Powering the Yuan?

People have been asking (a lot) for election scenarios. What will markets do if Biden wins? What will they do if Trump wins? And I have covered those topics here and here. As time ticks on and the situation changes (Supreme Court vacancy anyone?), prognostications may become further removed from actual results.

Contested Elections

We have had several clients ask for scenarios that pertain to the upcoming US presidential elections. Clearly there is a lot of uncertainty around an election that is more divisive than any in memory. While direct comparisons to other events in US history are hard to come by, we have certainly seen our fair share of contentious presidential elections.

Unspent Business Development Money

During a recent conversation with a savvy advisor (we’ll call him Greg), it was pointed out to me that 2020 has brought some challenges for advisors that are not immediately obvious to someone whose company designs and sells software solutions. Specifically, he mentioned that many advisors have business development accounts that they will struggle to utilize given the COVID-19 pandemic.
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