Case Study: How to Prospect Executives with Risk Assessment Report

Case Study: How to Prospect Executives with Risk Assessment Report

The Ask:


When you’re looking for individuals that could be potentially good for prospecting, you need to search for names and positions of key executives. The whole process can be tiresome and take a lot of time and effort. Moreover, you need to get some detailed and helpful information for a proposal, based on thorough analysis and a client centered approach.


The Problem:


One can face several problems here:

  1. Not all contact data can be found on the web, and if you manage to get a proper source, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is verified. So if you don’t want your emails or direct mailings to get back to you as undelivered, you’d better refer to a trustworthy data provider;
  2. No matter what it contains, your proposal should include interesting, fresh and potentially helpful information that will benefit your client;
  3.  Your proposal should be well written, the wording should be accurate, and the message itself should be both clear and convincing.

The Solution…


With Larkspur RiXtrema’s ProspectsOfWealth 2.0, you will get unlimited opportunity to get contact data for key executives working in majority of the companies running 401(k) plans, create a risk assessment report and send it to your prospect.

First, you just need to enter your location, choose Executives, and specify additional parameters in the corresponding fields (if your request is more specific), as it’s shown below:



In this example, we entered a NYC zip code and specified a 5-mile radius, and got over 13,000 results of key executives with their phone numbers, emails and links to their LinkedIn accounts, as well as the names the 401(k) plans their companies offer:



All emails are verified and can be used for prospecting; for some people without emails you can request that data by simply clicking on Request Email button; and your request will be processed with the next 24 hours.

The next step is making a Risk Assessment report for their company. You need to click on any of the plans they’re running:



Then hit Okay to add the plan line-up to your Portfolio Crash Test account (yes, it’s integrated with PCT and IRAFiduciaryOptimizer) and open your Portfolio Crash Test by clicking on the pop-up screen button:



And here you go, you get a good-looking risk assessment report ready to be saved and sent to your prospect via email:



Following these simple steps, you’ll be able to prospect key executives from a majority of US companies more efficiently.


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