Case Studies

Participant Direct Connects You With Plan Members

Do you know that more than one-in-five participants have no interactions with their plan providers throughout a year? Based on the report published by J.D. Power, there are 29% of the plan participants who unaware of the access to professional financial advice related to their plan.It is truly astonishing to see such a disconnect between the participants and plan providers. According to the same report, approximately 40% of surveyed plan participants ranked their relationship with the plan providers to be either indifferent or dissatisfactory.

Proving Compliance With the PDF Tool For SEC Exams

The SEC indicated that its first compliance examinations would begin in July-August. How will your firm prove to the SEC that your advisors abided by Reg-BI standards with every client contact? If you work as a team and have a compliance officer, RegBIoptimizer’s admin portal is essential. The Admin panel is ideal for independent RIAs or BDs but excels with scale.