Let CRM Be With You

The Lifestyle CRM provides you with more traditional functionalities of a CRM like adding new leads manually, integrating with other CRMs, creating tasks, scheduling events, and the importing/exporting of leads

Why You Need a Lifestyle CRM. Part 2

So, where do you get those hours to set up good online marketing? You take them away from doing the important client work i.e. what you get paid for. Or you take it away from the rest of your life i.e. family. So, there are hundreds of thousands of advisors who spend significant time and money performing the same tasks to grow their business.

Why You Need a Lifestyle CRM! Part 1

When you started a financial advisory practice, you took many things for granted. Things simply work a certain way. Let us take that all-important thing, the sales. Meaning how the practice actually acquires new customers. You were told that there is something called the CRM – Customer Relationship Management software