Retirement: The Ultimate Bipartisan Issue

Arriving back on the blue planet, Jeff Bezos lamented that there were too many vilifiers and not enough unifiers. Amongst the unifiers, apparently in such short supply, is the fact that we all grow old, and need to retire.This is perhaps why transitioning out of the workforce is one of those rare things in US politics, a bipartisan issue. Divided as they might seem, you’d be hard pressed to find a member of the house or senate, who’s not concerned with just how few Americans are prepared for retirement.

SECURE Act 2.0

The Secure Act 2.0 increases the required minimum distribution age to 73 starting in 2022, the age to 74 in 2029 and 75 in 2032. The original secure act expanded eligibility for long term, part time workers to contribute to their employers 401(k) plan.

Happy Independence Day from Rixtrema

This year Independence Day hits just that little bit different. Although many restrictions are still in place, freedom is in the air. At Rixtrema we would like to thank everyone who has worked with us over this very challenging, and at times, tragic period. So whether you are having a BBQ, fireworks display or family picnic. Indulge yourself! From the whole team, Happy Independence Day!

Pension Plans: Are They Coming Back in a New Form?

Defined Contribution plans like 401(k)s have almost replaced pension plans entirely, although many plan providers and insurance companies are trying to make DC and pension plans similar in a number of ways. The latest step in that direction has been to include guaranteed income options in 401(k)s, which will be tested out soon in the market.