Regulation Best Interest

What’s happening in Reg-BI Compliance Court?

With a Republican administration believing in small Federal government, I think it is safe to say that the SEC may defer to States to oversee and enforce Reg-BI’s new standards. With thousands of affected people in the financial services industry, this may make logistical sense. It means that RIA and BDs may experience different levels of scrutiny, depending on where they work.

What is RegBI’s Future With a Democrat Administration?

New news from the campaign trail continues the Reg-BI regulatory whiplash, but don’t let that become an excuse for not being compliant.  The polls show a likely power shift in the White House - take that with a 2016-flavored grain of salt. Allan Lichtman, the renowned historian who predicted the presidential results for the past four decades, predicts Biden will take the White House. (He bases his prediction, not on polls, but 13 binary qualifiers that are pretty interesting) 
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