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Every business, big or small, puts a lot of resources into streamlining its operations. The centerpiece of this effort often becomes a CRM. A CRM contains valuable information to synchronize the activity of all departments within a company. This information contains data about prospects and clients which through a CRM will be linked to marketing, sales, support and executives of the company. Every bit of data about the customer or potential lead will be carefully stored and processed in a CRM to harvest business benefits by doing business with customers or by targeting prospects.

There are many CRMs available on the market, and among them are a few that are widely used in the financial industry such as Salesforce, Wealthbox, Redtail, and Zoho. However, with any great technology comes technological challenges along the way. The most common challenge advisors experience with a CRM is the integration with other software used by the company. However, a need to have different software for marketing, for scheduling, for communication, etc. can quickly add up to the cost of running the financial practice. As a result, a lot of advisors are looking for the solution to meet their needs on the single platform or be able to use a smaller number of tools which can be easily integrated between each other.




After extensive research and a few dozen interviews with advisors, RiXtrema developers came to the realization that even the most tech savvy advisers with the best possible tools need to spend hours integrating all of their tools together to make them work effectively. This valuable time takes away from time spent growing their practice, working with clients, and quality time that advisers can spend on leisure or with their families.  So we came up with a new type of CRM, the Lifestyle CRM.




Your Lifestyle CRM is tightly integrated with our powerful marketing tools, Custom Trackable Marketing Letters (CTML) and/or Marketing Campaigns. After marketing campaigns or CTMLs have been sent from Larkspur Executive and the prospect opens it, it creates a chain of events. A new lead is created in the Lifestyle CRM (see Figure 1). The advisor is notified through different channels (mobile and desktop app) about the potential interest from the prospect. It is well proven that a quick call to the prospect within 5 minutes after your marketing email was open increases the chance of acquiring a qualified lead by 8 times compare to a call made after 10 minutes after the opening (read more). The ability to quickly react to the interest from your prospect and to connect with them even when you are on the go puts you ahead of many others who are competing for the same business.


Lifestyle CRM from rixtrema.comFigure 1.


In addition, the Lifestyle CRM provides you with more traditional functionalities of a CRM like adding new leads manually, integrating with other CRMs, creating tasks, scheduling events, and the importing/exporting of leads (see Figure 2).


the Lifestyle CRM provides you with more traditional functionalities of a CRM

Figure 2.


Moreover, the Lifestyle CRM offers advisers a unique tool that helps them create custom marketing quizzes, or use one of the quizzes made by our experts (see Figure 3). These quizzes generate a genuine interest from prospects who take them and embark on a journey of self-discovery. The end result of such a journey is a solution to their questions about how improve their benefit plan by using the service of the advisor. Our Client Success team is here to assisting the advisor every step of the way, from helping customize the marketing email templates to setting up a campaign to adding leads to CRM.


custom marketing quizzes from Lifestyle CRMFigure 3.


If you are interested in a 20-minute one-on-one demo of the Lifestyle CRM please contact us at clientsuccess@rixtrema.com.

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