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Sunday, November 22, 2020

Do Not Trade Time For Money: Focus on Value You Add to Qualified Plans

Do Not Trade Time For Money- Focus on Value You Add to Qualified Plans
Imagine combining features of an email marketing engine such MailChimp with the most detailed database of 700K+ plans and 1.2M+ executive contacts at plan sponsors. All this is connected to technology that writes custom letters for each plan sponsor based on predefined templates. It creates these custom letters to hundreds or thousands of plans at a time. They are sent whether you are at work or not. The process is set up once, then it runs on autopilot. You are simply notified on your smartphone when it is time to call a plan sponsor that already read your emails. This is a perfect sales technology.
Would it take you and a hired team of experts a month to create something like that? Three months? A year?
It took a team of senior engineers and marketers close to six months of nonstop work. And we are making this tool available to a limited number of qualified plan advisors. The response to this tool has been tremendous. Advisors realize that they need an edge and are grabbing the opportunity. But we have limits for these licenses, because we want to leave room for advisors to operate.
Stop spending money on marketing and cold calling programs that barely work. Check out LE PRO and LE Platinum. Watch the video to learn how it works.

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