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Sunday, November 17, 2019
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Don’t miss our Plan of the Week Emails!

Figure 1

Every week we provide Financial Advisors across the U.S. with a personalized retirement plan prospect: Plan of the Week (PotW). Based on each users searching habits, PotW gives you a plan sponsor that is ripe for receiving new marketing materials. The email also gives you a competitive advantage by outlining the plan ratings, risk factors and red flags. You can review performance metrics or simply scroll to the bottom of the email and click on the plan name to redirect to our financial planning software program (Figure 1). Our new Customized Marketing Letter Template (CTML) feature allows you to seamlessly send an email to your sponsor. By combining Plan of the Week with the CTML feature, you can send a professional proposal to a plan sponsor in just a few clicks. If you believe you are not receiving these Plan of the Week emails, then first check your spam or junk folder. We love to hear feedback, so if you have any problems with Plan of the Week or do not find them to be helpful, then please contact our Client Success Team at Visit our blog, Investing Counterpoint, to learn more about Larkspur Executive and 401k Fiduciary Optimizer.

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