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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Easy Advisor Marketing with Customized, Trackable Marketing Letters

As a finance professional, I deal every day with advisors who have big ideas about business growth. These ideas are the essence of success and it can be defined by how well the business is growing. Here at RiXtrema, we spend countless hours thinking about different marketing strategies to ensure that our business continues to prosper. The same principle of success is a universal and advisory business is no different. As a member of the Client Success team, I hear a lot from our clients and prospects ask the same question about how can we help them to grow their business.

RiXtrema’s philosophy is that our unique tools should not just help tackle analytical problems but improve every financial advisor’s business. Our products combine analysis and marketing by helping advisors use the extracted insights to prospect and grow their business. Now, a thorough marketing campaign can be executed by just one person or a small team. Our financial planning software, Larkspur Executive, now offers a new marketing feature to streamline your prospecting to plan sponsors, Customized Trackable Marketing Letters (CTML).

Larkspur Executive allows advisors to analyze retirement plans and send and prepare illuminating reports for plan sponsors. It is very important to make plan sponsors aware of weak areas in their plans since there are ongoing legal wars between plan sponsors and participants who find their plans to be inefficient. CTML seamlessly integrates analysis and first contact with a plan sponsor. Once the retirement plan has been analyzed, the results of the analysis can be sent to the executive of the company or who is responsible for overseeing the plan. It can be done right in the software by clicking a button “Send Marketing Letter” on any plan that has executives with email address ready (see Figure 1) and selecting the email of the desired recipient.

Figure 1

Our database of corporate executives contains emails, phone numbers, and addresses. Every letter is highly customized for each plan with specific statistics, ratings and Red Flags to display the most pressing information first. Through Customized Trackable Marketing Letters you can send either one of our premade, ready-to-go letters or upload one of your pre-approved marketing letters. After sending the letter you can even track it afterward to know exactly when the letter is opened (see Figure 2). This means you can run a timely marketing campaign to any plan sponsor with just a few clicks. 

Figure 2

Moreover, the same marketing letter functionality can be used differently if the preferred method of communication is direct mail. The advisor can print a direct mail package and send it to the plan sponsor using the address available in the software.

This new feature is now available in the Larkspur Executive and will help advisors grow their business more efficiently and easier. In combination with our 401kFiduciaryOptimizer tool, CTML can make your marketing efforts efficient and effective. Please reach out to RiXtrema’s Client Success Team to learn more about Customized Trackable Marketing Letters at 212-513-7070 or email us at You can read about other features in Larkspur Executive and our financial planning software platform at


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