Financial Advisor Tools: How to Prepare Your Client For a ‘Perfect Storm’

Financial advisors must avoid ‘cookie cutter’ approaches and address each client’s unique situation. When it comes to risk, a financial advisor must consider not only the investment portfolio, but also assets that form the foundation of client’s wealth and income. See how in this video:


Portfolio Crash Tester will help you explain and manage portfolio risk for any prospect or client. It is the only platform for advisors that is also used by top institutions to manage their risks. Click below to learn more:




5 Responses to “Financial Advisor Tools: How to Prepare Your Client For a ‘Perfect Storm’

  • jim manuel
    5 years ago

    What is the cost?

    • Jim,
      Our tools for advisors range from $100 to $300 per month depending on the level of the software and your AUM. I am confident we can find a price plan that is right for you and can help you grow your business with Portfolio Crash Testing.
      The best way to see if it can help you is to do a personal demo. Let us know if you would like one.

      RiXtrema Team

  • I am no longer in active practice but I have two companies offering consulting to financial advisors, I am an adjunct professor at California Lutheran MBA program and I am the project manager for a series of e-learning courses for graduates in CFP certified courses, through a grant from TD Ameritrade to William Paterson University.
    I am currently designing the course on software programs in financial planning firms. I would appreciate your sharing screen shots that I could use to introduce students to the concept of software that does stress testing. We will not train students on any particular software but want to expose them to the different kinds of software, from document storage to CRM, financial planning, risk assessment and stress testing, portfolio tracking etc. I also keep up in order to make recommendations to my consulting clients.
    Thank you.

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