How You can Answer the “What if” Question When it Comes to Your Client’s Portfolio

To an investor who’s trusted an advisor with their retirement savings, they aren’t just any ordinary person anymore. The fiduciary duty of an advisor to their client is one of the most serious responsibilities out there. Of course, it may seem obvious but, how many of advisors help their clients to understand the vulnerability of their portfolios when unexpected events can strike in the future? As Prudential has reported in its research, “One-quarter of Americans feel powerless in that they don’t know what to think about the downturn.”

They also report significant portfolio losses, at 31% on average.” It has been shown that those who experience such devastating loss in their retirement portfolio  prior to 5 years before retiring would never completely recover the losses, drastically reducing the chance for a comfortable, well-deserved retirement, forcing them either to continue to work or adjust their lifestyle they have planned on for their retirement.


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