Jackpot List for Getting a Target Audience - The Scoring Quiz

Jackpot List for Getting a Target Audience – The Scoring Quiz

  1. What is a scoring quiz?
  2. With a scoring quiz, you’re the expert.
  3. Capturing Emotion 
  4. Killer + Scoring = Unbeatable Marketing Quiz
  5. Build a better headline
  6. We’re here to help

What kind of background knowledge does your target audience have? How are they currently solving their problem? Successful marketing depends on gathering and applying knowledge about your target audience. All Financial Advisors need to know their audience’s level of knowledge comes to the table to present their value offer in the best light. The Scoring Marketing Quiz is efficient to both learn about and attract clients! 


Often your first marketing idea won’t lead you to millions, but a marketing quiz can help you learn about your target audience to fine-tune your marketing language. 


Click HERE to read about why you should adopt quiz marketing into your next campaign


What is a scoring quiz?


This article introduces you to the last of the fundamental, most basic marketing quizzes: the scoring quiz. We add the marketing quiz feature to Larkspur Executive this week, making it an even more powerful marketing tool for advisors targeting 401k plan sponsors.         


The scoring quiz measures the quiz taker’s relationship to a topic. It works best for subjects that involve a particular path or aptitude.


With a scoring quiz, you’re the expert.


The most appealing aspect of the scoring quiz is that it places the quiz maker from a position of expertise. (Where you belong!) Leveraging a position of experience is huge when testing someone’s knowledge of a particular skill, like wealth management, because you can design questions that show their deficiencies. A slow, deliberate quiz can capture their interest and probe their knowledge to position your highest value proposition


Capturing Emotion 


Just like the other two marketing quiz types – category and killer quizzes – the scoring quiz captures the taker’s interest through micro-commitments. The taker is compelled to complete the quiz when faced with easy questions at the start of the quiz before some diagnosis questions to probe their knowledge. 


It’s important to have between 3 and 5 possible outcomes. Point values determine outcomes focused around the aptitude of the taker. Not every question will have a score attached to it, nor will every answer choice.  


The buckets can be assigned based on a total score, but that is optional. A more straightforward quiz could have a numerical value of (1-100) or set a grade (A-F) to their outcome. Such metrics can be especially effective if you attach something that grades the taker’s intelligence – like an IQ. Everyone has experienced grade school and has an emotional connection to a grade or their intelligence.    

Killer + Scoring = Unbeatable Marketing Quiz


Now, you should be aware that the best quiz will have elements from more than one of these basic types. Feel free to include anything that helps to spice up diagnosing the quiz taker’s problem and warms them up to your proposed solution. 


The scoring quiz has the risk of looking most like a survey – nobody likes surveys. So, incorporating some questions from a Killer or Category quiz can help prod the quiz taker to completion. 


Read about the other two types of marketing quizzes HERE


Build a better headline


Including some of the following words can help attract takers to your scoring quiz: 

  • Score
  • Grade
  • Rating
  • Quality
  • Level


We’re here to help


Marketing Quizzes are simple marketing tools, but fine-tuning them can be a bit tricky. You’re not alone, though, and we love to help. We have a dedicated section on our blog for marketing quizzes. So, If you have any questions about building one, then please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions at clientsuccess@rixtrema.com. 


Click the banner below to receive a quick demonstration of Larkspur-Executive. Our premier marketing tool for Retirement Specialists will be getting this Quiz Marketing upgrade very soon. All of our users will receive the new tool at no extra charge. 

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