Land More Clients With a Killer Landing Page

I will let you in on a little secret: our landing page is not a work of original genius. We took inspiration from, of all places, a cosmetics company and a site about diabetes. So, when designing your landing page, keep it simple, look around and see what works. No need to reinvent the wheel.
Here are some more handy tips.


Tip #1



Keep It Simple, Stupid 
There’s a famous saying in the world of sales: 

“A confused mind, never buys”

This refers to the fact that no matter what you buy, it’s always a leap of faith. So if you’re confused, you’ll also be defensive and are unlikely to buy anything.


Tip #2


People’s Time is Money.
Making a sale doesn’t just refer to handing over money. It also applies to the time people spend doing a quiz you’ve written, attended a live event or read one of your ebooks. Even if they give you their email, that’a a purchase, it’s worth money. When writing text for your landing page, remember it’s all about encouraging micro-commitments, anything they click on can build towards a full client relationship.


Tip #3


Attention spans are limited, animations are cool.
New studies have shown that humans have an average attention span of 8 seconds. That’s one second less than a goldfish. As crazy as it sounds, animations help prolong attention spans. In the past we never used animations on our pages. We thought it set a bad tone and wasn’t good practice. However now top marketers swear by it. So, who are we to argue?  


Tip #4  Always follow the PASTOR Framework


The PASTOR framework is great and can be applied to almost everything marketing related. Read about it in full here.

The basic concept is that you identify your client’s pain, amplify the pain, find the solution and then talk about the transformation. The pain last year and this year has been the fact that businesses were hit hard by the pandemic.  When you amplify the pain it has to be specific to your clients and based on conversations you’ve had with them. In your landing pages use the language your clients use.

The key to everything you write is to enter the conversation that is already going on in your client’s head. Once you’ve done that, start talking about transformation, where they will be after investing time with you. How their 2021 will look compared to their 2020.


Tip #5 


Landing Pages should be brief, Content can go long

Even if you are using the PASTOR framework, the language you use on your landing page should be brief and be familiar to your clients. Content or educational material on the other hand, should not be brief.

Once you have grabbed their attention with an interesting email, and a cool landing page you can allow yourself to direct them towards a longer more in depth piece of content. The trick is to find the perfect balance of the three. Don’t be afraid of making a 15 minute video, if people like your landing page, they will be interested in your content.

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