Larkspur Executive converts Prospects to Clients

Larkspur Executive converts Prospects to Clients


Larkspur Executive provides powerful retirement plan analytics along with a relentless marketing process that can be used to win the business of plan sponsors. It allows advisors to analyze retirement plans and send and prepare illuminating reports for plan sponsors. The program just got better at the end of last year. Larkspur Executive now offers a new marketing feature to streamline your prospecting to plan sponsors, Customized Trackable Marketing Letters (CTML).

401k Plan sponsors are often not aware of the weaknesses in their portfolio. Legal wars constantly wage between plan sponsors and participants who find their plans to be inefficient. So, as I touched on in my last article – The One Thing You Must Do as A Retirement Plan Advisor – it is essential to hone your marketing material with language that alerts plan sponsors to their plan’s vulnerabilities.

CTML seamlessly integrates analysis and first contact with a plan sponsor. Once the retirement plan has been analyzed, the results of the analysis can be sent to the executive of the company or who is responsible for overseeing the plan. It can be done right in the software by clicking a button “Send Marketing Letter” on any plan that has executives with email address ready (see Figure 1) and selecting the email of the desired recipient.


Figure 1.


Our database includes nearly every 401k plan in the United States. It pulls data directly from the Department of Labor website form 5500 filings. It includes information on thousands of corporate executives – emails, phone numbers, and addresses.

Every letter is highly customized for each plan with specific statistics, ratings, and Red Flags to display the most important information first. Customized Trackable Marketing Letters lets you can send one of our template letters or one of your custom marketing letters. After sending the letter, you can track it to learn exactly when the email is opened (see Figure 2). This means you can run a timely marketing campaign to any plan sponsor with just a few clicks and learn how your language is performing in real-time.


Figure 2.


The same marketing letter functionality can be used differently if the preferred method of communication is direct mail. The advisor can print a direct mail package and send it to the plan sponsor using the address available in the software. This new feature is now available in the Larkspur Executive. It will help advisors grow their business more efficiently and more naturally. In combination with our 401kFiduciaryOptimizer tool, CTML can make your marketing efforts efficient and effective. Please reach out to RiXtrema’s Client Success Team to learn more about Customized Trackable Marketing Letters at 212-513-7070 or email us at You can read about other features in Larkspur Executive and our financial planning software platform at


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