Larkspur Executive Pro-Plus FAQ: Frequent Questions Answered

Question: What are RiXtrema’s  Pillars of Marketing



                There are 8  pillars of marketing: Authority, Trust, Reciprocity, Anticipation, Liability, Community, Scarcity, and Social Proof.


The 4 most important pillars are AUTHORITY, TRUST, RECIPROCITY, and SCARCITY.What are RiXtrema’s Pilers of Marketing


Question: How do you choose a Subject for an Email template?


A subject should be proactive in the sense that it addresses a need. Do not be cute and provide a gimmick but give them a simplified reason why they should read your email.


Question: I already have a CRM,
how is yours different?



The Larkspur Executive Pro-Plus CRM is completely different than a typical CRM. Our goal when developing this CRM was to improve the process of marketing. In opposition to a typical CRM the Larkspur Executive Pro-Plus CRM provides the remarkable ability to increase the likelihood of turning a lead into a client. This ability comes from the information accessibility our CRM provides.

After an email has been sent out and is opened, that prospect then becomes a lead in our CRM, sending a notification to our users. In our research we have found that a marketer is 80% more likely to turn a lead into a client when responding within 5 minutes after an email has been open, opposed to responding within 10 minutes after an email has been opened. That 5 minutes creates an exponential difference on whether a lead will become a client.

To help with this we provide a mobile app that allows for a work and life balance, yet still maximizing our clients marketing potential. With the addition of the Larkspur Executive Pro-Plus CRM our clients will be able to have information on a plan instantly. This instant information will allow for our users to have a strong pitch within those 5 minutes after their email been opened, ultimately improving our clients’ marketing process. Our CRM also provides quizzes!


Our CRM also provides quizzes!


Question: What are quizzes?



Quizzes are questionaries or surveys that allow for a digital point of contact. Typically to turn a lead into a client a marketer must gain 7-8 points of contact. A point of contact can range from an email, to them reading a blog you recently posted. A quiz is an interactive point of contact that provides self-discovery for the prosect, and valuable information for the marketer. It allows for that second level in the partnership and signifies a mutual interest. To ensure this point of contact we provide a Visit Card.


Question: What is a Visit Card?



Larkspur Executive provides the option to create a visit card that will be placed on each page of the quiz, along with the landing page after the quiz is complete. The visit card consists of contact information and an image of the marketer. This card assures that the prospect is associating the point of contact with the marketer and will hopefully start a video leadz.


This card assures that the prospect is associating the point of contact with the marketer and will hopefully start a video leadz.


Question: What are VideoLeadz?



                VideoLeadz are a hot lead marketing tool. We provide the option to call the marketer after a lead completes their quiz.  Similar to the Visit Card the option to call is found on the landing page after the quiz is complete.


VideoLeadz are a hot lead marketing tool


Question: How does Larkspur Executive work with their users’ compliance.



                The first step when working with our uses’ compliance is allowing the email templates we provide to be edited, along with the creation of their own templates. The following step provides two options. The first option is to allow our users to email using our servers with the domain name,, staking our own reputation on our users. Sometimes our users’ compliance does not like their team to be sending out emails with the domain. In this case we provide a DKIM option to allow for compliance to change the domain of which the emails are sent out from our server. In both of these options RiXtrema’s team only sees the emails that are sent from our server, never the responses.


Question: How does Larkspur Executive address:
do not contact lists?



                Larkspur Executive has the ability to blacklist plans, along with induvial emails within a plan. In addition to our blacklisting tool, every email provides the ability to unsubscribe. When a prospect unsubscribes, that status will be listed in the campaign dashboard.  That being said, our public email templates have above average open rates, typically ranging from 14-20%, with low unsubscribe rates. You can find these rates on the email templates section.  



Question: Where does RiXtrema find the emails of executives?



                The emails we have a public data. We have over a million emails currently, and more to come. We get these emails with the use of web crawlers, bots that browse the internet for information such as emails.


Question: Are RiXtrema’s tools exclusive?



                Our tools are not exclusive at the moment. There are a lot of plans that need attention, therefore there are plenty to go around. There may come a day where exclusivity will have its part in RiXtrema, but for the time being it is open to all!


Question: How do users organize their prospects?





Right now, the best way to organize prospects is through favoriting a search. Our users sometimes like sending out broad campaigns to any plan within their search. However, other users like to be a lot more specific within the filters they already placed. The best way to organize a prospecting list beyond the numerous filters we provide, would be to obtain the EINs from all the plans you would want from the filtered search. Then insert the list of EINs separated by a comma and a space in the EIN & EINs filter found by selecting +More Criteria in the sponsor section. From there you will have your exact prospect list in your My Searches Favorites. I would then recommend uniquely naming the search to visibly separate the list from other favorite searches.



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