Larkspur Executive Pro / Pro-Plus Campaign Follow Up

Marketing is composed of a whole lot of “No -s” and few “Yes -es”. In other words, it is a volume game, meaning that to see results there must be a lot of attempts. It is important to note that those attempts do not have to be different recipients. For example, if a lead that has been emailed is nonresponsive a marketer should make a different point of contact such as calling. When using the Larkspur Executive automated email marketing tool, it is imperative to follow up to maximize the full potential of the tool. There are two ways to follow up in the tool.


In-Depth Follow-up: Detailed, Organized, Efficient


Step 1. Select CRM In the top RIGHT



Step 2. Select Leads in the top LEFT


Step 3. Apply Filters


Step 4. Click on the name of a lead and gather information before the call



Step 5. Call – Phone number can be found in the Basic Section



Step 6. Make A Note and Save it –  Found in Notes Section



Step 7. Select Back to List in the top LEFT



Step 8. Make a Status


Step 9. Continue Down Your Leads List!



Rapid Follow-up: Quick, Easy, Simple



Step 1. Select PRO In the top RIGHT



Step 2. Select Campaign Dashboard



Step 3. Select Batch Campaign Details


Step 4. Select Contact With Opens



Step 5. Call ALL the contacts that have a grey envelope icon, and DO NOT call the contacts with the RED envelop icon (Unsubscribed)