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Thursday, January 23, 2020

Learn how to do content marketing the right way as a financial advisor

Our recent marketing articles focused on how to market the content an advisor already has in place but we have not set aside enough to focus on creating original content. A recent article in the Journal of Financial Planning makes an excellent point based on a recent study. The fact is, that content marketing costs 60% less than standard marketing and brings in 3 times as many leads. So if it is really that effective why isn’t everyone doing it? Let’s take a look at some very good points that the aforementioned article makes regarding content marketing and what one needs to do to make it a true success:

1. Be sure to know what your clients/prospects want. One must remember that content marketing is not for you but for your clients. Therefore separating and identifying the needs of clients and prospects needs to be one of the first steps.

2. Ask the right questions. This can be expanded into asking yourself what your clients want and need. If this is not enough be sure to ask your clients through such means as a survey or a few questions during a direct conversation. Knowing what a person is looking for will make an advisor’s path to a successful content marketing plan so much easier.

3. Making a list of topics. This is the next logical step in the process once the questionnaires and all of the preliminary research has been completed. Most importantly they need to be relevant to your audience. 

4. Market yourself. This is a very important part because being passionate about what you write will make your content so much more enjoyable and attract like-minded individuals. Most importantly, in a online digital world it will set you aside from those who create unoriginal content.

5. Keep track of stats and adjust accordingly. This is something you should do on a consistent basis because of the ever changing marketing landscape. Never stand in one place even if you are seeing a solid return on your marketing strategy and the content you produce.

These steps should position you towards an effective content marketing strategy. Remember that by creating useful content that provides value for your target audience, you can work to engage these leads and help build awareness for your brand which will lead to more conversions as well as solidify a long standing relationship with the existing client base.

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