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Thursday, June 17, 2021

“Merger Helps 401k Advisors Pitch ‘Right’ Decision Makers” from 401kSpecialistMagazine

John Sullivan of the 401kSpecialist just published an article describing RiXtrema’s recent acquisition of Larkspur Data and what this means for retirement plan advisors across the country.

Daniel Satchkov and Yon Perullo of the now, Larkspur-RiXtrema, are both quoted describing the recent merger:

“Combining strengths of RiXtrema’s financial plan analytics and plan holdings data with the most extensive datasets from Larkspur Data will help advisors create an unbeatable value proposition to plan sponsors,” Daniel Satchkov, president and founder of RiXtrema, said in a statement. “Acquiring Larkspur was a no-brainer decision for us.”

“Larkspur are true pioneers in the 401k space and we’ve been using their data for a while,” Yon Perullo said, when asked about the reason for the deal. “The acquisition significantly increases our scope and footprint with retirement plan information. Our analytics really only dealt with audited plans, but we went very deep. Larkspur was always more about the overall performance of the plans, as well as the metrics and that kind of data, and they were always very broad in the view they provided. So now we can go both broad and deep and provide a very holistic view of the plans.”

Read the full article on with some more information on our brand new product, Larkspur Executive, which will have our deepest dataset yet, with over one million executives at hundreds of thousands of plans to make getting in touch with the right person even easier.

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