New Fantastic Features for Larkspur Executive Marketing Toolbelt

New Fantastic CRM for Larkspur Executive Marketing Toolbelt

  1. How essential is CRM Software?
  2. Upload and Save Data on Customers
  3. “How you gather, manage, and use information will determine whether you win or lose.”
  4. CRM is just one piece of the improved Larkspur Executive Toolbelt

A sustainable business is built by maintaining healthy and productive customer relationships. Thankfully, technology is making this process automated and organized in a matter of minutes.

Today we would like to talk about a new feature RiXtrema launched: Larkspur Executive CRM system. It takes CRM a step forward by helping you manage interactions with potential customers while running campaigns in Larkspur Executive Pro.


How essential is CRM Software?


Market research supports the use of CRM software:

– Three-quarters of sales professionals (73%) use technology to close more deals. Of this group, 97% consider sales technology “very important” or “important.” (LinkedIn State of Sales, 2018).

– Businesses that leverage CRM software sees sales increase by 29%, sales productivity increase by 34% (Salesforce).

Customer relationship management is a mission-critical process to run any business successfully.

No doubt creating a connection with potential customers through CRM ensures that you do not have to work as hard to stay in touch with them as you did the first time through your marketing channels. Also, having a connection with clients through CRM provides a lot of information on the possibilities of upgrading and/or upselling them.

Larkspur Executive CMR comes into play to keep track of the leads and encourages repeated tasks of your customers to guess their needs. On top of that, it is a useful source of easily tracked data about opened marketing emails.


Upload and Save Data on Customers


The Larkspur Executive CRM system can upload and save data about potential customers.

This data can be used to manage the progress of a marketing campaign and to improve its effectiveness.  With the customizable CRM filters, users can access the information effortlessly and conveniently by sorting the data.

For example, after launching a marketing campaign, contact information is automatically uploaded into your CRM system. As soon as the recipient opens the email, you will receive a notification with the customer card, his contacts on the home page, which can establish a connection immediately.

Pop up notifications on your desktop and on your smartphone increase your response speed. Harvard Business Review found that leads convert to business significantly more often when the first response is followed up within a few minutes.


“How you gather, manage, and use information will determine whether you win or lose.”


That’s what Bill Gates wrote in his book The Speed of Thought. Following this idea, we can outline the main basic rules of having Larkspur Executive CRM for your business.

Here is how the system is implemented:

  • Data is collected.
  • It is segmented and saved.
  • It is available for quick access
  • It is easy to manage


CRM is just one piece of the improved Larkspur Executive Toolbelt


Having implemented automated CRM helps us with prospecting. But we decided not to stop on that point and added a marketing quiz as an excellent way to engage your prospects and convert them into leads.

Using quizzes as a lead magnet for your automated marketing campaign is a powerful tool in achieving your marking goals. The main idea is that you simply have a smartphone in your pocket to follow up quickly with leads who interact with your content – a method with a 400% higher chance of a sale.

Click HERE to read more about Marketing Quizzes on our blog.

Create a quiz once, and after a couple of days, you can have a closer look at quiz results and start building trust between you and your leads. The interesting fact is that after two weeks, it’s time to convert those leads. Your prospects should be familiar with your brand by now.

CRM, combined with various marketing tools, provides personalized marketing contact with potential customers.

When you make your customers feel welcome, they also start to feel loyal to your brand. The Larkspur Executive CRM system will help you make your marketing campaign as effective as possible with the least time spent.

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