New Reality Sets In- How You Can Plans When Nobody Travels

New Reality Sets In: How You Can Sell Plans When Nobody Travels

We are living in surreal times. The world around changes seemingly in days, as if in a futuristic movie. But the consequences for our lives and livelihood are not imaginary. Some consequences are obviously negative. Some are positive: people spend more time with family, those that can run their business without traveling to work or to sales calls will be the ultimate winners. The losers are those who always trade time for money. Are you going to be a winner or a loser economically from this new state of affairs?
For many months we have worked on a super-efficient way of growing your qualified plan business. Our goal was to ensure that you can grow your business without working super long hours. In other words, we want you to get out of the “time for money” commitment. That is why we created Larkspur Executive PRO and Platinum, two versions of the technology that repeatedly targets plans in your area and wins them for you. It educates decision makers, alerts them to problems with their plans, offers your services. All this is done on Autopilot through a multi-stage technology process that is set up once by our Client Success Team and requires minimal time from you. Watch this video to learn how exactly LE PRO & Platinum work.
Analyze & Win Any Plan Today! Detailed Intelligence on 850,000+ Retirement Plans Reach Out To Decision Makers Over 1.2 Million Plan Executives With Contact Info Improve Plan Investments Menu Breakdown for 80,000+ Plans Be the First One to Present Real Time Plan Filing Update For You (While Others Wait)

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