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Sunday, October 17, 2021

New Technology is Bound to Change the Landscape of the Retirement System

I  agree with Ted Godbout in his argument that new technology is bound to change the landscape of the retirement system. It is very clear that following the new tech trend is the game to be in. The early adopters of it create a solid foundation for future growth. Big data, cloud computing, AI, machine learning are new methods that platforms are incorporating in their processes to create new technologies for advisers.

New technology is beneficial throughout various steps of the retirement process starting with automatic enrollment, asset allocation, risk adjustment. With initial help to educate a consumer, the system can learn the preferences which can be used further to make suitable advice about the retirement portfolio. Where a human being can simply have not enough time to keep up with all the moving parts important in the retirement process like economic news, laws governing the retirement, taxes incentives, etc. a new technology can keep track of it.

Obviously, people are decision-makers who will be calling shots but it is important to be efficient and act on the best analysis possible to make a good decision and that is where the technology will be helpful.



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