Now You Can Compare Your Fees To Other Advisors

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We have released a novel and important database of advisory fees called FeeComp. It is based on SEC form ADV data. We have solved the main problem with that form, namely that fees are reported in Part 2, which essentially is a free form essay i.e. unstructured and very hard to read automatically. Some combination of new technologies and our knowledge of statistics helped us solve that problem though. Now you will be able to compare your fees to other advisors in a similar region, with similar clients, offering similar services.

The FeeComp has an important application in our DOL Fiduciary Rule solution – the IRAFiduciaryOptimizer. New regulations make ERISA fiduciaries out of everyone and fee reasonableness and benchmarking are important parts of compliance now.

You can request a demo of IRAFiduicaryOptimizer on Here is a recent podcast interview I did on that tool. I did talk about President Elect Donald Trump in the interview and implications for the DOL Rule , so check out my political analysis.

You can read the whole press release on the FeeComp database here.


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