Edit Your Settings

Step 1. Select the Person Icon in the top Right


Step 2. Edit you company details



Step 3. Edit your Optimization settings


Add Your Provider List


Step 1. Select Edit Plan


Step 2. Scroll Down to Upload to the right of the provider list section


Step 3. Choose the excel spreadsheet that has just your plan menu in column A


Side Note: You can use the Fund Screener to create a plan menu!



Search for a Plan



Step 1. Select Edit Plan



Step 2. Put in your criteria!


Side Note: To search for a specific plan, it is best to search by the EIN.


Step 3. Select a plan & Create Proposal



Side Note: Filter by the Highest percent annually aggregate plan savings




Step 4: choose one – Open in Current tab or Open a new tab         



Load A Plan



Step 1. Select Load Plan


Step 2. Input plan 2 ways


Way 1 – Input all the tickers, then click next and put in the values.





Way 2 – Select browse for an excel sheet that has tickers in column A and values in column B.



Side Note: The PDF Parser Can do this with Just a few clicks


Edit The Plan Funds



Step 1. Select Edit Plan


Step 2. Review the funds, and make changes accordantly.(RiXtrema Draws its data from the most recently posted 5500 Form and when the share class is not disclosed we assume the lowest expense ratio version)


  • To change a fund class, select the three vertical dots next to the fund name.
  • To add a fund, select the Add Symbol in the top left
  • To Delete a fund, Select the RED x to the far right of the fund

Step 3. Review the fund amounts. Simply put in the correct amount if needed.

Step 4. Review the revenue share. Simple put in the correct amount if needed. If you would like to get rid of the revenue share as a whole – uncheck the 12b-1 box



Edit The Optimized Funds



Step 1. Select low fee alternatives


Step 2. Review that the one’s in green are the one’s you want to switch the fund for.


Step 3. Remove the fund if you do not like that option by hovering over the fund name.


Step 4. Add a fund. Ie. if there isn’t an option, or if you don’t like the options.




Improve Diversification


Step 1. Select the 404(c) Diversification Tab


Step 2. Select improve Diversification




Step 3. Choose the fund you would like to swap in order to make the portfolio more diverse.




Add Advisory Fees


Step 1. Select the Summary Tab



Step 2. Select Edit additional Fees



Step 3. Put Fees as they fit. The current advisor fees are on the left, and your proposed advisor fees on the right.

Side Note: You can view what the advisor fees are listed on he most recent 5500 in the providers section




Generate a PDF


Step 1. Select The PDF button in the top left

Step 2. Choose the sections you would like to be on the PDF

Step 3. Select if you would like to hide the fund names you are optimizing with.

Step 4. Upload your logo.

Step 5. Name the report

Step 6. Make your comments on the report Step 7. Select Create report.

Step 8. Find the report in the your Downloads




For any further questions or suggestions please contact us at clientsuccess@rixtrema.com or dial (212) 513-7070 or (800) 282-4567.



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