Quick User Guide – Prospects of Wealth

Over the years we have developed an extensive database of 401K plan
menus and the contact information for executives that work at the
plan sponsor. By combining this information with our Portfolio
Crash Testing (PCT) tool, you have a powerful prospecting platform
that gives you the ability to tailor a unique pitch.
Here’s how it works:

Find a prospect in your area using our search tool

Search by a zip code in your area. You can also put in some radius.
Choose the source: Executives (the database is the same as in Larkspur Executive program), or HNWI – High Net Worth Individuals, or both Executives & HNWI, and hit “Search” button.





Email addresses, social media accounts and phone numbers are provided when available, and e-mails can also be requested (our data team will find the e-mail addresses).


Click on the hyperlinked Plan (in the Available Plans column) to
launch the Plan menu in PCT.






Examine the Plan using Portfolio Crash Testing’s robust scenario analysis, RetireRisk functionality, and portfolio
comparison tools. Of course, the Plan menu does not contain the exact allocation of your prospect, but the funds are certainly familiar and are key holdings in the prospect’s retirement portfolio.





Create your message. Pitch the prospect. Win more business.

Prospects of Wealth 2.0 also contains the names of additional 5 million wealthy individuals with wealth indicators (i.e. luxury yacht ownership), contact information, mailing address, etc. so that you never run out of leads. We have changed the way advisors use risk management and prospect. These processes used to be artificially separated workflows that belong together. If you have a great prospect, assessing risk of the portfolio will help in bringing him onboard. Portfolio Crash Testing with Prospects of Wealth brings all of this together.


Become a trusted and successful advisor with Portfolio Crash
Testing/ Prospects of Wealth combo. You can request your
demo at the link below and receive a combo of 5 million
prospects with detailed data along with sophisticated risk
management solution to win them over:


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