Read about Prospects of Wealth 2.0 in “The Latest In Financial Advisor #FinTech for July 2018”

The latest article by renowned advisor expert Michael Kitces on FinTech trends titled The Latest In Financial Advisor #FinTech for the month of July 2018, talks about the latest 2-in-1 tool for financial advisors from Larkspur-Rixtrema:

“…RiXtrema, a portfolio stress testing tool that has increasingly focused into the 401(k) space by building out a “401(k) Fiduciary Optimizer” due diligence tool, is now also building out its own version of marketing and prospecting tools. Leveraging a database of qualified plan executives from their recent Larkspur acquisition, RiXtrema has announced its “Prospects Of Wealth 2.0” platform, which pulls available information on the qualified plan’s 401(k) menu, conducts a “Portfolio Crash Test” scenario analysis to show where the plan may have potential risks, and then provides the direct contact information (email addresses and phone numbers) of the relevant qualified plan administrators and executives to show them the results and solicit their business. Of course, the caveat is that there’s no way to know exactly how the plan is actually allocated – at best, the Stress Test analysis will typically be done just based on available menu of options – but nonetheless, the RiXtrema Prospects of Wealth solution is a notable and positive step in the direction of adapting their tool into not just an analytical and portfolio construction tool, but a marketing and business development solution that helps a wider range of advisors (and may be able to command a much higher price in the advisor marketplace, too).”

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