Risk Mastery Challenge

We are working on something very exciting to help advisors become much more comfortable with risk management concepts. We are offering a 10 session Portfolio Risk Mastery Challenge that will go through the nuts and bolts of risk management fundamentals, concepts, and applications to help advisors confidently utilize the concepts in managing portfolios and communicating risks to clients.

While the recent geopolitical stresses on markets have amplified the need for a solid risk management foundation in your practice, this is hardly a new idea. Ever since the original DOL Rule came out in 2017 there has been a mandate to understand the risks associated with any investment recommendation. And the subsequent rules that have been released like Reg-BI to DOL 3.0 all have the requirement that the advisor “exercise reasonable diligence, care, and skill to understand the potential risks, rewards, and costs associated with the recommendation” .

While there are no SEC defined metrics to show that one has exercised “reasonable diligence, care and skill”, we can safely assume that the more thought that goes into the process of documenting and defining what was done to “understand the potential risks, rewards and costs” will not be in vain if the SEC comes knocking.

While this challenge will not focus on components of Reg-BI, it will focus on all aspects of risk management. Topics will include risk fundamentals, asset class specifics, portfolio construction, case studies and more.  The goal is to improve your knowledge of all aspects of portfolio risk management so that you have more confidence and can use this knowledge to help grow your business and set yourself apart from competitors.

Our Portfolio Risk Mastery Challenge does not depend on which risk product you use, which risk metrics you prefer or your current risk knowledge.

We realize that 10 one-hour sessions is a lot of time to devote. We are preparing for this in the same way one prepares to teach a college level course – in fact, one of the three primary presenters is a college professor who teaches risk management. So if you want to learn more about portfolio risk management, I encourage you to sign up for our free challenge.

You can find the agenda and sign up information here.

These sessions will be led by:

Yaacov Kopeliovich, Associate Professor in Residence in Finance department at the University of Connecticut (UConn) business school, Ph.D in Mathematics, Ph.D. in Finance.

Daniel Satchkov, CFA, President of RiXtrema, Specialist in risk modeling and consulting for extreme market events.

Yon Perullo, CFA, FRM, CEO of RiXtrema, former Chief Risk Officer for multi-billion dollar pools of investments across family offices, defined benefit trust assets, and nuclear decommissioning trust.

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