Sell Plan Sponsors From Home on Autopilot: LE PRO Registration is Open!

This is Yon Perullo of Larkspur-RiXtrema. For months we have been working on LE PRO to help you sell retirement plans on autopilot, using automated email campaigns. And with all the latest events LE PRO can grow your business better than any traditional selling techniques. Here are key points of the offer:
  • LE PRO contains over 1.2 million decision maker contacts at plan sponsors
  • LE PRO sends automated email campaigns to plan sponsors with a click
  • Each email is automatically customized to highlight specific plan’s problem areas
In short, this is the most sophisticated retirement plan sales tool ever devised. When crisis hits, some just focus on putting out fires and defending existing business. Others take the lead and use modern technologies to elevate their game and win market share!
Analyze & Win Any Plan Today! Detailed Intelligence on 850,000+ Retirement Plans Reach Out To Decision Makers Over 1.2 Million Plan Executives With Contact Info Improve Plan Investments Menu Breakdown for 80,000+ Plans Be the First One to Present Real Time Plan Filing Update For You (While Others Wait)

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