Success Tips from Larkspur Executive Users

There are many tools and techniques on the market today designed to provide every financial advisor or fund manager with the expertise to succeed. But after listening to client feedback, we found that technology is not everything; personality and a tailored approach is what takes everything up a notch.

Below are some key points of the most common advice, based on our most successful users’ experience:


Be Persistent


Reaching out to plan sponsors can be hard and time consuming, but bear in mind that this is a long-distance race, not a sprint. Even if you don’t get replies, you still need to persist because at some point your leads might answer you. It takes quite a few emails before they trust you, which could mean weeks or even months of sending out content or messages.


Market Constantly


Marketing is a constant but gradual process; you need to keep sending as many campaigns as possible. In the meantime, you will become recognized by many of your prospects. Keep track of your clients, monitor open rate and replies. Be proactive and promptly reply to all emails sent by the people you have prospected.

Figure 1. Ongoing Campaign in Larkspur Executive PRO


Follow Ups Should be Timely

Being proactive also means that you need to follow up on emails sent via campaigns. Mobile app (iOS and Android) is a good tool for following-up, as you can see notifications from the people who have opened your emails and call them immediately.

An increasing number of users lately are trying to delegate this process to cold callers and follow-up services provided by RiXtrema or other third-party services. This saves a lot of time and effort and lets you focus on your own business, getting the best from the appointments schedule by professional follow-up services.


Spread Your Word


Whatever you do outside your financial advisor practices, whether you write a book or make movies, promote yourself. Add as much information about yourself because what really matters should form your public image. Any beloved hobby can become the key to your success, as you attract more interest from your potential clients when you show yourself from a different perspective.




If you don’t blog right now, then start writing one. Use a convenient platform for a blog or podcast and start doing it regularly, every month, every week or every day. The more often you do it the better. Some Larkspur Executive PRO users send their newsletter through LE Campaigns to increase conversion rate and become a trainer for other people. When your potential clients see you as a motivator, you have a really great chance of becoming a specialist, more people will  trust you, and you will have a better success rate.


The advice above, is just a small sample of what can be used to get better results in terms of client response and lead conversion. In RiXtrema we provide a wide range of services to optimize the follow-up process and get a better chance for success. To see a demo of the Larkspur Executive PRO solution click here and choose the best time for you.

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