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How to Write Irresistable Emails That Must be Opened

Not only are many of us too busy for marketing, but we’ve not practiced copywriting. As we learned in talking to a premier copywriter, Jack Turk, the secret is writing fast. Writing fast keeps you from over-thinking your language. You remember the old acronym: KISS. Well, here’s a friendly reminder to Keep IT Simple, Stupid. :) 

Participant Direct Connects You With Plan Members

Do you know that more than one-in-five participants have no interactions with their plan providers throughout a year? Based on the report published by J.D. Power, there are 29% of the plan participants who unaware of the access to professional financial advice related to their plan.It is truly astonishing to see such a disconnect between the participants and plan providers. According to the same report, approximately 40% of surveyed plan participants ranked their relationship with the plan providers to be either indifferent or dissatisfactory.