4 Benefits of 401kFiduciaryOptimizer & How it will Help You with Plan Sponsors

The thing that most financial advisors struggle with is differentiating themselves from the competition. The analysis provided by the 401k Fiduciary Optimizer is uniquely compelling and really sets you apart from the crowd:

  1. Most plan sponsors don’t know or understand the fees being charged in their current plan and are therefore unmotivated to make a change. The 401kFO, highlights these fees and helps the advisor make a powerful case for change. It is important to note as well that plan sponsors are most concerned about employee education and fiduciary liability. Through the reduction of fees and an in-depth analysis of 404(c) diversification, the advisor is helping to address these two main concerns.
  2. The ability to improve the menu of the plan by finding a low cost alternative from the appropriate provider list, which can help the advisor to make a relatively easy menu change recommendations to the plan sponsor. These changes will benefit all fiduciaries of the plan and the plan participants by helping them to save money on the expenses of the funds. Read about it here:A New Way to Provide Massive Aggregate Plan Savings
  3. The ability to create a fair comparison using all fees known such as the broker fees, recordkeeping fees, etc. from the provider tab. The Summary page where the comparison takes place can be very informative for the purpose of the initial meeting containing important data about different kind of fees associated with the plan.
  4. 401kFiduciaryOptimizer has a hidden tool providing information on average advisory fee based on the plan assets and zip code of the plan the advisor is working on. Learn how to find it here.

Request your personal tour of 401kFiduciaryOptimizer for a complete list of benefits for your business: 

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