Two Kinds of Financial Advisors Online: The QUICK & THE DEAD

How do you become a top marketer without turning your life into a workaholic hell and without reducing the amount of effort to help your clients to financial success? In other words, how do you become a top advisor (because top advisors are not only good, but they also have a lot of clients) …

I wrote about some of the tools of craft that top marketers use HERE and HERE. Now, we come to where the rubber hits the road. Old school salespeople say that “money is in the follow up”. What they mean typically was relentless calling and follow up until a prospect relented. But that kind of thing does not work nearly as well as it used to and besides, who has the time and nerves for that?

What about the new online way of sales? Is that saying still true? Yes, it is, but in a different kind of way. The 21st century way is to create a robust online platform to send lots of valuable content to your precise target market. Then, you must follow up very quickly, otherwise your chances drop very very quickly.

As the short article below shows, the contacting your leads within 5 minutes produces a 900% increase in contact rates!!! The question is, how do you that? To see when a prospect interacted with your content and follow up that quickly, you must have an amazing technology setup. It would take you months and lots of $$$. Not anymore. We are launching the Lifestyle Sales Platform for financial advisors. It comes with all the tools that top marketers use, all connected to just plug and play. Say goodbye to the old school and say hello to the Lifestyle!


How long do you take to respond to your leads? This question has never been more critical than now.
An in-depth study by has shown that contacting your leads within 5 minutes produces a 900% increase in contact rates. Specifically, The odds of contacting a lead if called in 5 minutes versus 30 minutes drop 100 times. The odds of qualifying a lead if called in 5 minutes versus 30 minutes drop 21 times.



Leads turn cold faster than you may think. Failing to call back your lead within an hour dramatically decreases the chances of engaging them in a conversation. How many times have you been sent to voicemail when returning a morning call in the afternoon?


A changing Landscape


The most important thing that the HBR study reveals is how most businesses have failed to register how prospects behave these days. We are living in an age where everything you need is readily available to us. It seems that it was not long ago when it was an acceptable practice to wait for a couple of hours before responding to a lead reply. Buyer behavior and expectations have changed, and they expect an experience comparable to shopping online.


The odds of making the first contact decrease drastically the more you wait.


The WOW effect


According to David Elkington of, the act of calling back your prospect within the first 5 minutes creates a “Wow effect.”



Those who wait to call back – even If it’s a few hours – seem unprofessional and uninterested. A prompt return call shows that you have a team dedicated to delivering what you have promised and sets the relationship off on the right foot. It proves to your prospect that they can rely on you for quick solutions if they face any problems – even long after the deal is concluded.



Rixtrema understands the value of the first contact with your clients. We work to make sure you can do so as quickly as possible to keep your leads from turning cold. Now, we integrated a sophisticated notification system into Larkspur Executive on the web and the desktop and mobile app versions.


Here’s how it works


Every email you send with Larkspur Executive returns a notification to you when your lead sees your email.

The mobile (android and iOS) and App version of Larkspur Executive shoot you a “Mail Open” notification and an option to call your prospect immediately. With a quick call-back you can catch your contact while they’re looking at your email and your offer is fresh on their mind.

Along with the call option, there is an option to email back to your prospect – just in case you wanted to send an email before your call back. As the HBR study suggests, the odds of your winning a plan increases exponentially when you call.


In closing


For advisors today, there is no reason for leads to be left waiting once they have read your emails, and it’s likely that, if not contacted immediately, you effectively lose your lead to a competitor.

With the tools at your disposal from your Larkspur Executive subscription, you can make sure that you have a successful first contact with your prospect, address their needs, and draw them closer to a sale.


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