The Importance of Active Campaigns and Timely Follow-ups

Two Crucial Steps for Successful Lead Conversion


Despite being the most frequently asked and debatable, questions like “What’s the best strategy to gain new leads?” and “What’s the best way to follow up with a prospect?” are still very important in any financial advisor’s practice.

There are at least two steps that should be followed if you want to increase your lead conversion rate and close more deals with your prospects:

1)     Be persistent and keep your marketing campaigns up and running.

2)     Be proactive and follow up with a phone call immediately when you notice any reaction to your emails or marketing campaigns.


Implementing The Follow-Up Strategy


Step One: Having multiple active campaigns at a time is a key to success, because marketing is an ongoing process that is an important part of your business strategy. When your first campaign batch is started, don’t wait until it’s over to start a new one, you can run up to 300 simultaneous sequences at a time, and we’d advise keeping this number closer to at least 30-50, but ideally this number should be as high as possible:


Image 1: Campaigns Dashboard in the Larkspur Executive PRO


Step Two: After the first marketing campaign is set up and running, the most challenging part is to track your prospects’ activity and follow up with them on a timely basis. Waiting for a call or an email reply is an ineffective strategy. Most likely you’ll need to keep reaching out to leads until they warm up.


Luckily, with our new updated mobile app for Android and iOS, tracking your prospects’ activity is no longer a problem! Push notifications immediately show you who opened your email, and offers the option to give them a call or send a follow-up email right from the notification:


Image 2: Push Notifications and Notification Screen Dial Menu in Android app


There is no reason to wait for a reply from your potential client, you can just download Larkspur Executive mobile app right here for Android or iOS and start growing your business.


Organizing Your Leads 


Another challenge many advisors face is organizing their leads. At RiXtrema, we came up with a CRM solution integrated into your Larkspur Executive account (Available for Pro and Pro Plus accounts).


If you can see the CRM button in the upper-right corner, then you have access to it:


Image 3: CRM Button


Prospects who opened your emails are added as leads to your CRM, with all the information on their plan, emails or campaigns sent and follow-up tasks

Image 4: Leads Section in CRM



Image 5: Opened Emails in CRM

Our new CRM solution will give you an efficient and unique capability to monitor your clients and prospects’ activity and systemize your leads to give your business a boost.


You can always set up a quick demo of our new CRM system with one of our representatives, just click here


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