The Marketing Framework That Got me Big Results-Daniel Satchkov

I’m a Math Geek Not a (Natural) Marketer… 


When I left a highly paid corporate job years ago, I was confident in my technical skills, so I thought starting a business would be a cake walk. Turns out, it wasn’t, in the first couple of years I really struggled. At this point, I decided to invest in education and learn marketing. This was of course very daunting, I was and still am a math geek and not a natural marketer. But I had a young family to feed and a business to get off the ground. So, I spent big on courses, seminars, books and became the proficient marketer I am today.

Not all of my money was well spent, but enough of it was that I was able to make great gains as an entrepreneur. Everything I share with prospects and clients comes from years and 10’s of 1000’s of dollars of just trying things out. I know what works and what doesn’t, so the stuff that are in these blogs or my live events are things that I’ve tried myself. Methods and Techniques that have brought me a lot of success.


The Four P Framework


Every business nowadays has some kind of framework that they live by, or claim to live by. Some people think they are corny, and let’s be honest some of them are. But I think they can bring a great deal of clarity and focus to how you run your business.



The first P is passion, now that might sound like a lofty, vague concept; in fact it is very practical. If you are not passionate, you are not going to sell anything, and that goes for any business, whether you are selling cars or life insurance.

A lack of passion is a sure sign you should change business. But maybe you just need a nudge in the right direction, in this case remember everything that first got you interested in your business and pour that into your marketing content.



Marketing is hard, you can work for a long time and get no results; you can also be working in the wrong direction and find yourself back at the drawing board. The key is perseverance. There’s a famous saying in marketing, not directly linked to perseverance but still important, the money is in the sequence. This means that people tend to respond better to content in a sequence or content that is related, not isolated things; multi-part training, multi-part blogs and so on. 


How this relates to perseverance is as follows, everyone’s attention is decreasing online and everything is disorganized. So when you produce content, it needs to be consistent, related, and you need to persevere through all the noise.

Personal/ Personality


Forget corporate speak, and the passive voice. If you want to sell you have to put your personality into every word you write and video you record. People respond to the personal so run as far as you can from any hint of ‘official’ language. 

Big corporations can flood people with content and convince them to buy stuff they don’t need. For the time being at least you don’t have that kind of budget, you have to be personal and explain to your prospects why they need your services. So what does that mean? Never write to a crowd. Always write to an individual. Don’t use vague language, speak directly to people. Remember you’re teaching one person at a time.




This is the class your parents warned you not to take in college, there’s no money in it they said. However there is great value in poetry, particularly when it comes to marketing. Poetry is storytelling, a way of making someone feel a particular emotion. You don’t need to be Walt Whitman, but don’t be afraid to express yourself, somewhat poetically (As far as compliance allows).

You can use data all you want, but when it comes to people’s pain, their personal problems, a little poetry can help them imagine a way past their problem, a way that hopefully involves you.

For example, when you’re writing and speaking, use words like ‘Imagine’. It’s one of my favorite marketing words, because to me, when I buy a product, I always buy it because I imagine owning it first. That’s what happens. When you talk about feelings you get big results.

How we Use This Framework at Rixtrema 


Everything we do at Rixtrema is a result of this framework, something I have adapted and honed over the years. If you would like to experience this first hand, and supercharge your marketing-book a free demo today and one of our team will take you through Larkspur Executive. 

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